Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lord Of The Layers

Mr. Satorialist has a way finding the adept and avant-garde as they roam unassumingly through the streets until wham- he randomly makes them famous. This man, for example, seems to be completely over the whole 'winter coat' thing, and instead has decided to put on every-single-item in his closet at once-- without even looking bulky! It's like a clothes puzzle and he has managed to put it together perfectly, even without the indubitable advantage of having a picture to look at. He is Lord of the Layers!

Allow me to break this down a little for you: he appears to be wearing something green- a tie? mock turtleneck? I can't tell. Then we have a collared shirt over that, a sweater over that, a blazer over that, and a vest over that! Well done, sir. Way-to stick it to the Michelin Man! - otherwise known as the puffer jacket. He has conquered the cold without the bulk and to that I say: good for you, but I would be claustrophobic.

Can you wear this many layers without looking like the Goodyear?

<3 Mandi

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