Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celebrity Girl Crush

I love Laura Marling. I do. She is so talented that she can have an entire audience in the palm of her little laura-marling-hand in no time flat, while showing approximately zero personality! It's astonishing, really. How can someone be stoic and interesting? I, for one, am stumped. But what I can tell you is that I have worked very hard on learning all of her songs and singing them just like she does- british accent and all. Sometimes, when I am singing, my roommates probably think Laura Marling is in our house. But I digress.

Even aside from her music, Laura manages to make every girl want to be just like her. At least, I think that's the case, but there is a slight possibility that I am projecting. Nevertheless, she somehow manages to look good in short hair, long hair, dark hair, light hair, straight hair, wavy hair, big hair, small hair and not to mention medium rare hair. Every time I think I have effectively copied her hairstyle- it changes again. Stop it, Laura!

Moreover, Laura makes me want to be pale. Did you hear that? Pale! And- are you ready for this?- she makes me want to dress my age. American Eagle? Yeah right! To Banana Republic and beyond! I thought I would never outgrow my love of ripped jeans and tan skin, but then Laura came into my life and everything changed. Suddenly, the world looked different- and my jeans became higher-waisted. 


But truthfully, I'm still not over the whole ripped jeans thing,

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  1. of all the music i like to imagine we have in common (probably less than i think)

    you lost me with this one. i can't get into it.