Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 Million Strong... And Growing

Once upon a time, I was sitting in the salon getting my nails done...
Mrs. Oleary's BBQ
when overhear the woman next to me complaining about how her nails took forever to grow. Me, being the nosey person that I am, said, "I take prenatal vitamins and they work wonders for my nails and hair." She in turn said to me, "Oh I had heard that. Congratulations, by the way!" Then I realized she thought I was pregnant because I took prenatal vitamins. I was momentarily mortified. Then I realized that in no way did I  look pregnant. Seriously though guys, vitamins will do wonders for your hair and nails. Plus even adults can take Flintones and really those are like breakfast candy!
xoxo, Shanna

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