Friday, February 4, 2011

Everywhere You Look.

I know that we here at the Superfish blog mainly discuss superficial things, but I would like to break that rule momentarily to discuss something that is weighing heavy on my heart. Just think of it as Opposite Day. Ya know, like in grade school when the kids would come up and ask you something like: "Do you want me to punch you?" And then you would say something obvious, such as, "No," and then they would say something obnoxious along the lines of, "It's Opposite Day!" and then punch you anyway? Did that only happen in my school? More importantly, did that only happen to me? Furthermore, do I need counseling?

Back to what I was saying, I have a serious question for you. Would you rather be Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen? Don't even think for a second that I'm going to believe you if you tell me that you didn't love watching all of their cheesy movies growing up, and I will definitely not believe you if you tell me that you didn't own them all (primarily because it makes me feel better about owning them all.)

Anyway, I would choose to be MK. I mean come on, Ashley is kinda boring. Where is her sense of adventure, and unique fashion, and time in rehab? Just kidding about that rehab thing. But what I am saying is that MK is a pro at clothes-wearing. Acting, I'm not so sure about, but clothes-wearing, definitely! ...For example:

                                       Excellent scarf-wearing.

                                      Two at once! Genius.

                                   Scarf, Hat- Tomato, Tomahto.

                                Long dresses? No problem.

                                     Jeanous! (Sorry, I had to.)

                                I will be wearing this tomorrow.

                                     Signature MK hat-wearing. 

                                Chanel Jacket-Wearing. No big deal.
               And, of course, the infamous over-sized flannel-wearing.

Shew! Feels so good to have that off my chest. Thanks, guys.


  1. And there was that whole cocaine scandal...she certainly knows how to have a fun time!