Friday, February 18, 2011

If I were a Rockstar

This week has been a little on the slow side at my day job (yesterday I painted my nails at my desk). When boredom starts to rear its ugly head I start to do ridiculous things in order to rid myself of it. Yesterday I found myself doing a little daydreaming which led me to write this post.
A thing that you may not know about me is that I always wanted to be a Rockstar. More specifically I always wanted to be Gwen Stefani. Ever since I was 12 and I first heard the stellar beats of No Doubts "Spiderweb" I was hooked on Gwen. I mean really, how cool does she look here?
This fondness for rock and all things musical prompted me to make a list of a few of the awesome songs I would cover if I was a rock star. I'm going with covers because I have never written a song of my own (actually this is not true, I once made up words to the Jurrasic Park Theme song). I thought I would share these songs with you, because they are awesome. And make me wanna rock, or something along those line....
The Bends -Radiohead
Because everyone likes Radiohead

Meet Me In The Bathroom -The Strokes
The Strokes never fail to keep me upbeat

Sunday Bloody Sunday -U2
I know, U2, what a cliche, but come on guys, this is a great song (also let's talk about The Edge's sweet buffalo check vest. Stellar!)

Up, Up & Away -KiD CuDi
KiD CuDi is awesome. I could totally make this into a Rock Anthem. Also if I covered this song I could say something ridiculous like "This one is for all the haters" I have always wanted to say that.

My Name Is Jonas -Weezer
This song is just awesome.
The Magnificent Seven -The Clash
I love The Clash so much, it is not even funny.
Bye Bye Bye -Nsync
Obviously I have to go back to my roots. Nsync holds a special place in my heart. Basically I was totally obsessed with them. I was definitely going to marry Lance Bass (I know, let's not go there.)

I think this is a pretty good list of songs I think I could rock. What is a rocker to wear? Well here is one such example...

A Clash t-shirt, to represent how punk rock I am. Chuck Taylors, because The Ramones wore Chucks. A leather jacket because there is nothing more rock and roll than that. Denim mini skirt, just cause it's cute. Black nail polish, I imagine this is what Courtney Love wears. A Gibson Les Paul, which I would of course refer to as my axe. Finally a microphone for singing, duh! 





  1. I imagine Courtney Love wearing STD's, but what do I know about fashion.

  2. You've written two songs. Remember that one about the dog? You're well on your way to having an EP.