Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Monday is a big day guys. If you weren't aware, it is Valentine's Day. Here at The Superfish we have a few thoughts on Valentine's Day gift giving. The first concept we would like to put forth is this one: Guys, you're girlfriend does not want heart shaped jewelery.
This necklace says something like "I put no thought into what my girlfriend really likes but it was on sale at Zales." 
Something else your girlfriend does not want: a Whitman's Sampler.
Honestly there are usually about 2 pieces of candy in these things that actually taste good and your girlfriend knows that you bought it at CVS. She deserves better.
Something that I find to be cringe inducing that I see sitting on the bed of so many of my friends are things like this:
Hopefully your girlfriend is an actual adult. Why does she want a stupid Teddy bear holding a heart. She isn't 5, she isn't going to snuggle it at night. What she is going to do is set it on her bed and then throw it on the floor when she crawls into bed at night. If she has a dog eventually he will somehow get a hold of it and your "thoughtful" Valentine's day gift will eventually become the dog's new toy. 
 Last, but certainly not least, your girlfriend does not want a copy of The Notebook.
If you're a bird I'm a bird

She probably already has a copy. Also, this movie idealizes unrealistic expectations that neither you nor your girlfriend can live up to. Why would you want to set your relationship up for disaster like that?

I do have a few ideas of somethings your girlfriend may actually like....

Peonies> Roses
Tiffany Celebration Ring

Michael Kor's Cashmere Sweatpants
Assorted Hershey's Candy
 These are just a few ideas. Use your own judgement, follow your heart. A rule of thumb would be that if it is pink, has hearts on it or can be bought at a grocery store it is a no go (except the hershey's, you can never go wrong with a Reese's Cup).

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