Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Who is this Olivia Palermo, anyway? She is everywhere. Fashion Diva of a lifetime, basically. As far as I know, it all started with The City (let's not pretend we didn't watch it) and the next thing I know she is fashion's IT girl, as they say. I mean, whatever happened to our hating her? She was Whitney's arch nemesis and it was our job, as faithful City watchers, to hate her. Right?

Seriously. She was always saying annoying things like, "I am not going to continue further into this discussion" when confronted about something. Who does that? Actually, I tried it once. SEE. Thats what happens when you watch reality tv. Conflict resolution turns into Palermo resolution and that, my friends, is a scary thing. And now we love her even more than we love Whitney, don't we? What is wrong with us?

In the meantime, here are some fantastic pictures of Olivia in the Tibi spring collection, as featured on The Vogue Diaries this week.

...I'm not going to continue any further into this blog post.

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