Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trail Blazering

 Mr. Satorialist does it again.

The great Barney Stinson once said, "Nothing suits me like a suit," and it got me thinking: what would the world look like without suits? Can you even fathom? What would weddings look like? What would the Baptists wear to church? And prom, for heaven's sake, what about that? If cotton is the fabric of our lives, than certainly the suit is the outfit of our lives. Perhpas this is a tad overreaching, but I wouldn't be shocked to find out that Adam's first leafy garment was actually a suit. After all, God made it and He doesn't just throw things together all willy-nilly.

Speaking of blazers, I found one at goodwill in recent events and I was delighted to find that it fit perfectly and was in excellent condition. I then scrambled to the tag expecting to see something along the lines of Banana Republic or JCrew... but alas, I did not. Instead, much to my surprise, I found that it said FUBU (For Us By Us, and I'm not sure that includes me). Needless to say, I was way off. And actually, I think it is a boy's blazer, which would explain the seemingly three-quarter length sleeves. Nevertheless, it works, and it was only $3.50.

Furthermore, wearing blazers can be tricky, especially in the winter. Questions arise, such as: How many layers is too many? and, Do I wear a coat over this? and, is this FuBu or Jcrew? So, here are a few examples of good blazer-wearing that I found while perusing Tumblr and The Vogue Diaries.  But first, a picture of our very own Shanna in her favorite JCrew blazer:

Victoria Beckham

LeAnn Rhimes

No idea who this is.


Tornado Legs?
This could be a FuBu blazer. You never know...
Love anyways,

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