Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Christmas Miracle!

Ok, so. First things first. A Christmas miracle has happened, and suffice it to say, the world should know. For those of you out there who suffer from adult acne, and have tried everything on this ever-loving earth to clear it up- boy do I have a treasure for you. It's called Clinique Acne Solutions Foundation. Friends, I am not kidding you. I would never kid about a matter as devastating and serious as adult acne. I bought a bottle of this on Saturday, and by Monday my face was 80% better. That's not even two whole days! Essentially, your skin is probably mad at you for wearing crappy makeup, and so it creates barricades to keep it out.. So, listen to your skin. Who knows, maybe it will stop being so defensive and the two of you can live acne-freeily ever after.
 Moving on, it is also important to note that big chunky socks, and/or leg warmers may or may not change your life. I found some this weekend at Payless for only $6, and they have revolutionized my boot-wearing!

This outfit, for example. I mean seriously, could she be any cuter? It's all in the socks! I wore something eerily similar this weekend. So basically, I looked exactly like this girl, except skinnier.

  Alright, I'm lying about that last thing. 
Love always,

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  1. i've gotta get me some leg warmers!

    ps, bare minerals has done wonders for my acne... it's a good option if you prefer the lightness of powdered foundation instead of the liquid :)