Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crisis After Christmas!

I had every intention of being really hip and trendy in these new moto boots I requested for Christmas (see above). Cute right? I know. So then I put them on and felt all weird about it. I'm used to wearing big, chunky boots like Uggs that make my legs look like toothpicks, or so I'd like to believe. These, however, create more of a drumstick affect, or at least that's how I feel in them- like I'm clomping around on upside-down triangles. Tornado Legs. That is what they will call me!

So, to remedy this situation I tried cramming some leg warmers all up in there- and after many trials and tribulations of situating the big-old-things inside of my boots and then breaking a sweat while attempting to zip them up, I said, "to heck with this!" tossing the leg warmers aside and throwing a mild conniption in the meantime. 

I then went to the best fashion expert I know, Shanna (she will love that I just said that) and I said, "Shanna, how the heck do I wear these boots?" To which she responded that she wears hers with just about anything. She also sent me this blog post which is so 2010 but still applicable to my current fashion crisis!

So anyway, today I took the proverbial plunge and wore my motos with some black jeggings and I have to admit. I feel like tornado legs. Tornado Warning is in effect! "You'll just have to get over that," is what Shanna said, and after all is said and done, I would tend to agree.


  1. hey, you. so uh, this blog... awesome! If I was a chica I would give one, or maybe even two bonus stickers for utility, but as it is you get 4.5 stars for hilarity... and usage of the word proverbial. you should stick with it.

    p.s. I feel all blogs, and the internet in general, should be judged with stickers and stars.


  2. love these boots! wear them, even if you do feel like a twister ;)